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Mold Myths and Mold Remediation for Your Property

4/27/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Answers the Call for Mold Remediation

Many, if not most homeowners in St. Clair Shores will have to deal with a mold infestation at some point. This being the case, it's important for residential property owners to get the facts about mold remediation. Homeowners are inundated with incorrect information about mold that preclude them from acting appropriately and effectively when the fungus invades their homes. Here are three mold myths that you should be aware of:

Myth # 1: Mold Only Grows in Moist, Wet Environments.

Although many people think that mold only grows in moist, wet environments, this is not the case. Although these fungi need moisture for growth, it can keep growing even when the substrate dries out. Mold's ability to keep growing in dry environments results from the fact that it can extract moisture from the surrounding air. In fact, mold only starts to completely die out when the air maintains less than 45% humidity. This low level of humidity can only be mechanically and chemically reached through the use of drying and absorbing agents, dehumidifying machines, and an a/c system running consistent cycles.

Myth # 2: Bleach Kills Mold.

Bleach does not kill mold. Although throwing some Clorox bleach on the mold may appear to eradicate the problem, it is not an effective, comprehensive mold remediation technique. In fact, the bleach is only attacking mold stains by stripping away melanin compounds from the mold's membrane. However, this work doesn't remove the actual mold or resolve the underlying issues that enabled the mold to start thriving in the first place. Remember, fungi require moisture and a food source for the spores to develop stringed colonies leading to visible mold proliferation. It's also important to note that using bleach on mold causes it to strike back. Specifically, the mold recognizes the high pH from the bleach as a chemical attack. The mold then defends itself with its exoenzymes and membrane. These enzymes make the bleach ineffective and also turn it into food.

Myth # 3: All Cleaning Companies Can Eradicate Mold.

Many homeowners with mold damage think any standard cleaning company can remediate their property, this is a misconception. In fact, the safe and effective removal of mold necessitates that a cleaning company's employees act in compliance with specific guidelines outlined by the EPA. You also need to find a company whose technicians are IICRC-certified to ensure that your mold remediation service is effective and expedient. Note that mold spores are present in all environments. If the moisture source is not humidity and condensation but is a water leak, then this must be repaired prior to exterminating most of the mold growth. Total elimination and eradication of these fungi are not possible; no professional, ethical mold remediation company would make this claim.

Call SERVPRO For Excellent Mold Remediation Services. Our highly skilled technicians follow a specific protocol based upon the EPA and IICRC guidelines. We are very precise in execution from containment of mold throughout the removal of infested porous materials, cleaning, disinfecting, removing odors, and final inspection. Antifungal and antimicrobial treatments are extremely important. With the proper safety gear and equipment--"air scrubbers", HEPA vacuums, and foggers to name a few, we work safely and make your home safe again. Call SERVPRO of St. Clair Shores (586) 741-5050.

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