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How to Make Your Interior Paint Job Last Longer in St. Clair Shores

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

How to Make Your Interior Paint Job Last Longer

by Haley Kieser 

June 27, 2019

Are you planning on painting the interior of your home? If so, you’re in for a treat—there’s nothing like a sparkling, fresh paint job to make everything feel brand-new again. If you want to ensure your paint job lasts as long as possible, use our foolproof tips to keep your paint job looking pristine for years to come:   

1. Ensure Walls are Clean

Getting your walls cleaned before painting them is important; otherwise, the dirt and debris that collects on your walls can result in a slippery, uneven texture. This can cause the paint to have a difficult time sticking. Before painting your walls, either hire a professional cleaning service or take the time yourself to thoroughly clean every inch of the surfaces you’ll be painting. The goal is to remove every speck of dirt so that you’re dealing with a smooth, dust-free canvas.  

2. Repair Existing Damage

On that note, while you’re in the process of cleaning your walls, be on the lookout for any damaged surfaces, like cracks or holes. Be sure to patch up holes and repair any damaged areas; that way, you’re painting on a nice, uniform surface, not a bumpy one. This will provide better coverage and make your paint really stick to the walls.  

3. Apply Proper Techniques

Haphazardly slapping paint on your walls probably won’t result in the best-looking paint job. To help ensure that your paint looks great and lasts for years, it’s crucial to use proper painting techniques. First up, it’s a good idea to prime your walls. Primers are designed to help seal the wall and prevent mold. Also, using the right strokes can really make or break your paint job: Work from top to bottom and use V- or W-shaped strokes when rolling to seamlessly cover the walls. Finally, you should also paint each wall one at a time and blend the wet paint you’ve brushed on with the paint you’re rolling. If you want to go back over the paint, wait at least a couple hours before doing so. 

4. Invest in High-Quality Tools

Don’t use old painting materials simply because they're cheap. The quality of tools and materials that you use absolutely impacts how long your paint will last. If your brushes are frayed and stiff, purchase a new brush that will make smoother lines. In addition, consider buying a paint that not only primes, but acts as a sealer as well. Source recommendations from friends and go with the highest rated painting materials out there. 

5. Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. If you're gearing up for a big paint job inside your home, keep in mind that two of the most important factors that determine how well paint dries are humidity and temperature. When there's more moisture in the air, this can lead to peeling paint. In addition, extremely hot temperatures can cause the paint to dry well before you can apply the paint evenly. It's best to paint in a cool, dry environment so that your paint looks good going on and lasts as long as possible.

If the above is too overwhelming...

As always, if you want something done truly well—hire the pros. If you don’t have the time or energy for a home paint job (or you simply want to make sure your paint job looks incredible), contracting a professional painting company to do your dirty work for you is always worth the investment.  

Whether you’ve never painted the inside of your home before or you’re pretty much a professional at this point, it can be helpful to keep the above tips in mind. Even when choosing to hire a painting company, ask the right questions to determine they're the right company for the job. After all, if you're paying for someone to paint your home, you surely want it to last.

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